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Cavium is in the process of systems integration with the QLogic systems into one combined system for all products. Please bear with us during this process.

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Is 'VmkiSCSI-Tool -W -A Delayed_Ack=1 -J Vmhba6' Supported For The QLE8242?

  • January 31, 2014
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QLE8242 VMware Support for delayed_ack Parameter


The delayed_ack is not supported with QLE8242 hardware iSCSI. The advanced parameters delayed_ack pertains to VMware software iSCSI. The QLE8242 iSCSI function is hardware iSCSI and uses it's onboard IP stack. Hardware iSCSI does not use the vmkernel networking stack, so VMware's iSCSI configuration parameters do not apply.

If using the QLE8242 NIC function, and configuring VMware software iSCSI using this vmnic, the VMware iSCSI advanced parameters, including the delayed_ack are available.