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Dear Customers,

Cavium is in the process of systems integration with the QLogic systems into one combined system for all products. Please bear with us during this process.

For warranty/service verification, please provide your product serial number(s)when contacting support. Serial numbers are located on product bar code labels or from management tools.

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  • February 3, 2014
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Contact Information

Support for OEM Branded Products:  OEM Support Contact Referral List

QLogic Support via the Web:  Create a Case with QLogic Technical Support (Login Required)

QLogic Support via Email:  support@qlogic.com  (Note: a case will be logged when sending an email to this address)


QLogic Technical Support Phone Numbers

United States, Canada &
countries not listed below
Australia 1-800-084-876
Brazil 0-800-891-5743
China 10-800-713-1398 -or- 10-800-130-1357
France 0-800-914-116
Germany 0-800-183-0276
Hong Kong; 800-90-3225
Italy 800-87-4243
Japan 00531-13-1466 *
The Netherlands 0800-022-6427
Singapore 800 1301 907
Spain 900-93-1346
Sweden 020-79-0915
Switzerland 0800-55-2949
United Kingdom 0808-234-3220

*Land line phones only, may not work with VoIP or cell phones.