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Identifying The VID:DID/SVID:SSID in ESXi

  • August 3, 2015
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How to use SSH/Console to find the required information.


Where is the VID:DID/SVID:SSID in ESXi located?


To find the VID:DID/SVID:SSID in ESXi - do the following:

  1. Ensure SSH is enabled on the host.
  2. Use the following command: vmkchdev -l
  3. The output of that command will appear as follows:
    1. 0000:08:01.1 1077:4032 1077:0158 vmkernel vmhba2
  4. In the previous example, 1077:4032 1077:0158 is the VID:DID SVID:SSID in that order.

See also:  Identifying correct driver for ESXi/ESX host PCI devices (HBA) using VMware Hardware Compatibility Guide (HCL) (1031534)