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Installing The QConverge Console Web Client Plugin For VMware On The Linux vSphere Appliance

  • January 12, 2015
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Instructions for installing the Web Client Plugin on the Linux Appliance


How is the vSphere Web Client Plugin for QCC installed on the Linux vSphere Appliance?


  1. Download the latest vCenter Plugin and CIM Provider (x86/x64) package available at http://driverdownloads.qlogic.com.
  2. Copy the QLogic_Adapter_Web_Client_Plugin_Linux_x64_0_8_26.bin* file found  within the vCenter Plugin and CIM Provider (x86/x64) package using WinSCP or a similar tool.
  3. Using SSH, log into the vCenter Appliance with the root username and password.
  4. Run chmod 755 on the .bin file you extracted from the CIM provider package.
  5. Run the .bin file using the /.  Example: ./QLogic_Adapter_Web_Client_Plugin_Linux_x64_0_8_21.bin
  6. Enter the vCenter Appliance IP address when prompted.
  7. Enter the username administrator@vsphere.local when prompted.
  8. Enter the password for the administrator@vsphere.local when prompted.
  9. After the installation has finished type reboot and then hit Enter.
  10. Once the vCenter Appliance has finished rebooting the QConverged Web Plugin is registered.
 NOTE: At the time of publication, 0_8_26.bin is the current version. Therefore the version number is subject to change.