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Requested Files When Troubleshooting QLogic Products



To make your case go more smoothly follow the guide below to gather the requested support files for your product. Once you have gathered the support information, log into your account on the My Support page and attach the file to your case.

The table below has links that will take you to the article with the instructions and the script.


WindowsWindows Information Data Gathering Script [HD]
LinuxLinux Data Gathering Script
VMwareVMware Data Gathering for Troubleshooting QLogic Products
VMware ESXiSupport Information for VMware ESXi Servers
CitixCitrix (Citrix Article)
SolarisWhat information is requested when reporting a problem on the Solaris OS (Solaris script)?
OS XMac OS Information Gathering Script
Fibre Channel SwitchInformation Gathering for Reporting a Fibre Channel Switch Problem
RouterInformation Requested to Assist Troubleshooting an Intelligent Storage Router