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How Is Switch Firmware Updated From The Command Line Interface (CLI)?


Using the CLI to Install Firmware
  1. Connect to the switch through the Ethernet port or the serial port.
  2. Move to the folder or directory on the workstation that contains the new firmware image file.
  3. Establish communications with the switch using the File Transfer Protocol

    • (FTP). Enter one of the following on the command line:
      >FTP switchname
      where is the switch IP address, and switchname is the switch name associated with the IP address.
  4. Enter the following account name and password:
    • user:images
    • password: images
  5. Activate binary mode and copy the firmware image file on the switch:
    • FTP>bin
    • FTP>put filename
  6. Wait for the transfer to complete, then close the FTP session
    • xxxxx bytes sent in xx secs.
    • FTP>quit
  7. Establish communications with the switch using the CLI. Enter one of the following on the command line:
    • telnet
  8. A Telnet window opens prompting you for a login. Enter an account name and password. The default account name and password are (admin,password).
  9. Open an Admin session to acquire the necessary authority.
    • SANbox $>admin start
  10.  Display the list of firmware image files on the switch to confirm that the file was loaded.
    • SANbox (admin) $>image list
  11. Unpack the firmware image file to install the new firmware in flash memory.
    • SANbox (admin) $>image unpack filename
  12. Wait for the unpack to complete.
    • image unpack command result: Passed
  13.  A message will prompt you to reset the switch to activate the firmware.
Resetting the switch is disruptive.

SANbox (admin) $>reset