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How To Request An RMA


A Return Material Authorization (RMA) can be obtained by completing the online RMA Request form.
In order to make this process progress go quickly and smoothly, be sure to log in, or register an account, on the Support site  and create a case with Technical support.

If this is for a new case, after logging in go to:
  1. Cases,
  2. Create New Case
  3. Record Type of New Record
  4. Then use the drop down to change the selection from Issue to RMA
If this is an existing case your technical support representative can sent an email with the required fields for completion.

When filling out the RMA form please keep in mind that we ship via a carrier, such as Fedex and UPS, so we will require an onsite person's name and phone number.
Company Information. We ask for a shipping address if different from the billing address.  It may be that the shipping address is different from that of the requester, usually if the RMA is being filled out for the user by a reseller or support person.
Case Number. The number assigned to your web case.
The Detailed Problem Description: field is required. If a fully detailed problem description is provided elsewhere in the case then provide a quick synopsis of the problem. 
You may request up to 4 items by serial number and model number for RMA in one form. To save time, please be sure to double check all serial numbers before requesting an RMA.
Once an RMA has been approved you will get an email containing return instructions including return address. Provided below are basic PPT return labels.*

Cavium does not cover the cost of shipping products to Cavium, we do cover the cost of shipping product to the customer.