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Run A "bcu_supportsave" From A BR-Series CNA Installed In VMware ESXi Host


QuestionHow is a bcu_supportsave run from a Brocade CNA installed in VMware ESXi Host?
The BCU tool, along with associated shell scripts built on top of it, runs in the Console OS on ESX systems. It uses an IOCTL interface to the drivers to configure Brocade drivers.

On ESXi 5.0 systems, BCU runs as an ESXCLI plug-in in the ESXi user world environment. 

The plug-in is an offline-bundle zip file (for example, is attached to this KB article.


BCU commands can be run as follows:

>esxcli brocade bcu --command=”COMMAND”

where COMMAND is the BCU command, such as port --list

Refer to the documentation for all BCU commands.


Here are some examples:
  • To get the ports list, run the command:

    >esxcli bcu --command=”port –list”

  • To get the list of all the rport on 1/0, run the command:

    >esxcli brocade bcu --command=”rport –list 1/0

  • To collect the brocade support save, run the command:

    >esxcli brocade supportsave