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EFS Reports "Inconsistent Zoning Configuration"


QuestionEFS reports "Inconsistent zoning configuration" all the time although zoning changes seem to be propagated in the fabric.
The "Inconsistent zoning configuration" is an issue where one of the switches in the fabric has Default Zone: (allow/deny) set differently than the others. The DefaultZone parameter allows or denies communication among ports/devices that are not defined in the ACTIVE Zone Set, (so if you add a new device it can not talk to other devices on the fabric until it's added to the ACTIVE Zone Set). 

This is easy to fix and it should be a non-disruptive change. 

Via EFS: 
  1. Login into each switch and check under the "Zoning" pull down for the "Default Zone" option. 
  2. By default, it is set to "Allow"... but some OEMs have it set to "Deny" (a little more secure). 

Make sure it is consistent on every switch. 

Via CLI: 
#> admin start 
#> config edit 
The config named default is being edited. 

(admin-config) #> set config zoning 
A list of attributes with formatting and current values will follow. 
Enter a new value or simply press the ENTER key to accept the current value. 
If you wish to terminate this process before reaching the end of the
press 'q' or 'Q' and the ENTER key to do

DiscardInactive (True / False) [False] 
DefaultZone (Allow / Deny) [Allow] <----- 
MergeAutoSave (True / False) [True ] 
Finished configuring attributes. 
This configuration must be saved (see config save command)
activated (see config activate command) before it can take effect. 
To discard this configuration use the config cancel command.