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Firmware Flash Test Fails With QLE25xx to QLE267x HBAs Using UEFI 2.0 Or Greater


QuestionFlashing the latest firmware package (v3.34.08) to a QLE2562 HBA that installed on the latest released Intel platform R2000WF (S2600WF serverboard) that server also has the latest BIOS released installed.
The same cards do work (FW flash test) on previous Intel released platform R2000WT.
The error messages (UEFI & Windows) are attached.
Cavium does not support UEFI shell version 2.0 or greater (uefi shell > ver -s ) for the QLE267x and older adapters, including the QLE25xx and QLE24xx series. The UEFI 2.0 utility is supported for QLE269x and QLE27xx adapters.